Frequently asked questions

Can other people get access to my safe deposit box?

Only up to two other people, whom are registered as joint customers with Metropolitan Safe Deposits, can gain access to our vaults. No more than three people, including you, can have access to any safe deposit box. Nobody under the age of 18 can be registered to use a safe deposit box.

For the avoidance of doubt when an account is held jointly, all customers can act on their own, with regards to but not limited to, removing any items stored in their safe deposit box, have unrestricted access to the safe deposit box, authorise lock changes, or lock drill outs (breaking open the box), renewing or changing box size, closing and terminating the account.

We will only require the consent of one joint customer to break open the Box and/or replace the lock.

No customer may remove another customer from their account held jointly without his/her/their authorisation.

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