Schedule of Additional Charges


Metropolitan Safe Deposits carries comprehensive risk insurance. Subject to pre-agreed amounts, Metropolitan will assume liability for loss or damage to items deposited in our safe deposit boxes.

Additional Contractual Liability (all risks contents insurance) per £1,000 = £2.82 per annum.

The  minimum  term  for  Additional  Contractual  Liability  (ACL)  is  12  months  and  is  subject  to  the  customer  maintaining  a  safe deposit  box.  If  you  do  not  continue  to  maintain  a  safe  deposit  box  contract, ACL  will  cease  automatically  and  no  refund  of payments for any unexpired period will be due.

We will advise when your ACL is due for renewal, if payment is received within 60 days from the “start date,” as shown on your renewal invoice ACL will remain in force. ACL will however automatically terminate if payment has not been received by 60 days from the “start date” as shown on your renewal invoice.

2. Replacement Lock (if you have lost one key).

£120.00 per lock including two keys.

3. Drill out Lock (if you have lost both keys).

Monday to Friday: £250.00 per lock including keys, drill outs available subject to appointment Monday to Friday.

Weekends:  £320.00  per  lock  including  keys,  drill  out  subject  to  prior  arrangement,  availability  of  engineer  and  branch opening hours.

4. Replacement Access Card.

£10.00 per card.

5. Overdue Renewal Payment - should you renew your account for a further period of time.

Interest will be charged at 2% per month or part month on all outstanding balances.

6. Overdue Renewal Payment - should you close your account.

A fee pro-rated to the renewal invoice will be made to reflect the number of months you are overdue. This will include the overdue period up to and including the termination date of your contract as served by any notice issued by Metropolitan Safe Deposits Limited.

Interest will be charged at 2% per month or part month on the outstanding pro-rated fee.

7. Correspondence & Research.

£25.00 per letter sent (including replies to solicitors, yourself etc. relevant to court orders or other matters outside of the control of Metropolitan Safe Deposits Ltd including returned cheques).

£50.00  for  the  first  half  hour  thereafter  £75.00  per  hour  or  part  thereof  for  researching,  obtaining  and  producing information relevant to your account including account details, box usage etc.

8. Box Drill Charges (where you have failed to renew account and proper notice has been served).

Engineer and replacement lock - £250.00
Company representative fee - £120.00
Solicitor’s fee – £180.00 (plus VAT at the prevailing standard rate)

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