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With a history stretching back to the early 1980s, Metropolitan Safe Deposits has been the custodian of our clients’ most precious items for more than 35 years.

As you’d expect from one of the UK’s leading providers of safe deposit services, our three vaults in London’s Knightsbridge, St John’s Wood and Chiswick are protected by layers of industry-leading security, including the latest biometric technology. Every safe deposit box is also individually alarmed and comes with £10,000 of insurance.

You can visit the vaults, free of charge, every day of the week – our long opening hours are just one aspect of the unmatched levels of service delivered by our highly-trained and approachable staff.

The peace of mind that comes from knowing your valuables are safe  is priceless but this accessible, convenient security is also affordable, with safe deposit boxes available from just £95 a year.

Latest News

Security risk reviews should be externally validated

Security risk reviews should be externally validated

29 November 2019

Every safe deposit business should undergo external security risk assessments according to Christopher Barrow of Metropolitan Safe Custody.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Security comes in more than 20 different sizes at our London vaults in Knightsbridge, St John’s Wood and Chiswick.

There are small safe deposit boxes for keepsakes, jewellery and passports, medium-sized boxes that typically accommodate items such as gold bars, laptops and legal papers; and large-sized boxes and walk-in vaults that can house a lifetime’s collection of antiquities, coins or stamps - you could fit a double bed in the largest one.

Prices range for boxes from less than £100 to over £2,000 for a year, in addition a £100 (refundable) key deposit is also charged at time of rental.

Peace of mind

Safety is the obvious reason for entrusting us with these items but underlying it is a less tangible benefit: peace of mind. At a time when domestic burglaries are becoming increasingly commonplace and the threat of violence is all too real, a safe deposit box offers an answer to the risks – and avoids the need to pay soaring insurance premiums.

Each of our boxes comes with £10,000 of insurance. We are happy to increase your level of insurance if you would like to cover a larger amount.

Convenient access

At Metropolitan Safe Deposits, you can drop in whenever you want between 10am - 4pm Monday to Saturdays. It’s free of charge, too.

Size & Prices

Small safe deposit boxes

From only £95.00 per year

Box CodeSizeAvailable LocationsPrice per year 
 H/W/D (mm)
4545/110/410£95.00Order now
7575/110/430£150.00Order now
50 ST50/260/430£180.00Order now
5050/250/370£180.00Order now
100100/110/430£200.00Order now
6060/280/458£249.00Order now
75 ST75/260/430£280.00Order now

All box sizes shown are approximate.

Medium safe deposit boxes

From only £340.00 per year

Box CodeSizeAvailable LocationsPrice per year 
 H/W/D (mm)
100 ST100/260/430£340.00Order now
9090/280/458£380.00Order now
125125/260/430£460.00Order now
175 S175/250/370£540.00Order now
150150/260/430£545.00Order now
175175/260/430£630.00Order now
180180/280/458£660.00Order now

All box sizes shown are approximate.

Large safe deposit boxes

From only £740.00 per year

Box CodeSizeAvailable LocationsPrice per year 
 H/W/D (mm)
240 ST240/280/458£740.00Order now
300300/280/430£795.00Order now
240240/610/458£1422.00Order now
300 D300/580/470£1599.00Order now
325325/580/470£1653.00Order now
360360/610/458£1736.00Order now
425425/580/470£1819.00Order now
525 SD525/610/410£1875.00Order now
525525/610/458£1979.00Order now
640 SD640/610/410£2042.00Order now
540540/610/458£2216.00Order now
600600/610/458£2340.00Order now
640640/610/458£2523.00Order now

All box sizes shown are approximate.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

Our current hours of opening are 10.00am-4.00pm Mondays to Saturdays, including Bank Holidays. We are closed on Sundays.


We continue to take a measured approach with regard to COVID-19, whilst protecting the Health & Safety of our employees and customers.