Safe deposit box prices

Our safe deposit boxes can hold a wide variety of personal belongings.

People use them to store sentimental and valuable items – from passports and jewellery in our smaller boxes to substantial items or collections in the largest walk-in units.

Box options:

Small safe deposit boxes

Big enough to take small valuables and precious keepsakes, such as passports, watches, wills, jewellery, gold or precious stones.

Box CodeSizeAvailable LocationsPrice per year 
 H/W/D (mm)KnightsbridgeSt John's Wood  
4545/110/410£95.00Order now
7575/110/442£150.00Order now
100100/110/442£200.00Order now
6060/280/458£249.00Order now

Medium safe deposit boxes

Can hold laptops, tablets, legal papers and deeds, precious metal bars, coins and stamps, hard drives, jewellery wraps, miniature paintings and smaller antiquities.

Box CodeSizeAvailable LocationsPrice per year 
 H/W/D (mm)KnightsbridgeSt John's Wood  
9090/280/458£380.00Order now
125125/260/445£460.00Order now
175175/250/370£540.00Order now
150150/260/445£545.00Order now
175 L175/260/445£630.00Order now
180180/280/458£660.00Order now

Large safe deposit boxes

Designed for larger collections of papers, stamps and coins, antiques and antiquities, smaller-sized paintings, jewellery boxes, albums, and cameras.

Box CodeSizeAvailable LocationsPrice per year 
 H/W/D (mm)KnightsbridgeSt John's Wood  
240 S240/280/458£740.00Order now
300300/280/458£795.00Order now
240240/610/458£1422.00Order now
300 D300/580/470£1599.00Order now
325325/580/470£1653.00Order now
360360/610/458£1736.00Order now
425425/580/470£1819.00Order now
525 SD525/610/410£1875.00Order now
525525/610/458£1979.00Order now
640 SD640/610/410£2042.00Order now
540540/610/458£2216.00Order now
600600/610/458£2340.00Order now
640640/610/458£2523.00Order now

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