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The benefits of complying with money laundering and financial sanctions regimes

30 May 2022

Christopher Barrow of Metropolitan Safe Deposits believes clear regulatory procedures instil business confidence in the eyes of both regulators and customers.

Crypto investors turn to physical storage for security

8 February 2022

Online digital wallets are potentially vulnerable to hackers. Passwords or codes can easily be lost. Christopher Barrow of Metropolitan Safe Deposits highlights a recent trend towards cold storage options, such as keeping private keys in a safe deposit box.

Where do investors store their gold?

15 December 2021

There are three options for individuals to keep their gold bullion or coins. Christopher Barrow of Metropolitan Safe Deposits examines the contrasting benefits of a home safe, a third-party storage firm and a safe deposit box.

Acute Shortage of Safe Deposit Boxes on the High Street

3 September 2021

Christopher Barrow of Metropolitan Safe Deposits reveals the continuing strong demand for safety deposit boxes against the unfortunate backdrop of diminishing supply.

Security risk reviews should be externally validated

29 November 2019

Every safe deposit business should undergo external security risk assessments according to Christopher Barrow of Metropolitan Safe Custody.

Brand new Chiswick vault opened earlier this year

24 June 2019

With a capacity of 8,000 safe deposit boxes of 12 different sizes, you can rent a box for as little as £95 per year. In addition, we are offering a 15% discount for the first year's rental between now and 31st December 2020.

Metropolitan Safe Deposits Listed As One Of The World's Premier Private Vaults

3 May 2019

This article is a comprehensive list of offshore vaults contacted by my R&D as part of our ongoing efforts to provide the greatest number of opportunities to our clients.

Metropolitan Safe Deposits in the final stages of building substantial new vault in Chiswick.

2 January 2019

Metropolitan Safe Deposits in the final stages of building substantial new vault in Chiswick.

Chiswick is chosen as location for new safe deposit vault

10 July 2018

The leading independent safe deposit box operator, Metropolitan Safe Deposits, is expanding its branch network into West London.

Biometrics provides key part of physical security solution

4 May 2018

High-tech security systems should include, but not rely on, biometric technology argues Christopher Barrow of London-based Metropolitan Safe Deposits.

Safe deposit box or safety deposit box?

6 September 2017

When researching last year the history of the safe deposit box, Christopher Barrow of Metropolitan Safe Custody became intrigued by references to ‘safety’ deposit boxes. Which is right?

Is 3D-printing the key to unlocking a safer future?

5 June 2017

Christopher Barrow of London’s Metropolitan Safe Deposits looks at the history of lock designs and identifies a revolutionary new mechanical key.

Post-Brexit London to remain a global city

11 May 2017

Christopher Barrow, CEO of Metropolitan Safe Deposits, argues that London’s position as one of only two truly global cities will not be challenged by a European competitor.

Calculus sells stake in Metropolitan Safe Deposits to private investors

22 September 2016

The private equity fund manager, Calculus Capital, has sold its substantial minority stake in Metropolitan Safe Custody Limited to private investors.

The History of the Safe Deposit Box

1 March 2016

Christopher Barrow of Metropolitan Safe Custody explores the life of the safe deposit box during its 150 year history.

Security is a process, not a product

1 February 2016

Keeping safe deposit box vaults secure from attack requires much more than physical security argues Christopher Barrow of Metropolitan Safe Deposits.

What replaces HSBC and Barclays after UK exit from safe deposit boxes?

9 December 2015

The drive by UK banks to withdraw from safe custody continues unabated. Christopher Barrow of Metropolitan Safe Deposits examines the options for customers wanting secure storage for their valuables.

Why store your gold in a safe deposit box?

8 April 2014

Christopher Barrow of Metropolitan Safe Custody explains why individual investors and collectors increasingly keep their gold bars and coins in a safe deposit vault

London’s global dominance remains a safe bet

2 January 2014

Christopher Barrow, CEO of Metropolitan Safe Deposits, believes London’s extraordinary rise to global city status will become even more pronounced in the next 10-20 years.

Europe’s non-performing banks to delay economic recovery

28 October 2013

Compared with America’s better capitalised banks, the Eurozone still faces massive bad debt problems. Christopher Barrow of Metropolitan Safe Deposits is concerned that European banks’ weak balance sheets will forestall economic recovery.

Overseas Chinese are a valuable global resource to China

2 September 2013

Christopher Barrow of the Metropolitan Safe Custody group argues that, whilst migration flows from mainland China to high-income countries will continue to grow, the Overseas Chinese community is an increasingly important resource.

Overseas India expands as Domestic India slows

14 August 2013

With the slow pace of reform hurting the domestic economy, India’s growing overseas community is becoming increasingly influential across the world. Christopher Barrow of the Metropolitan Safe Custody group reflects upon the history of Indian migration and the growing economic strengths of major offshore centres of Indian population.

Corporate Values improve Business Performance

19 June 2013

Christopher Barrow of the Metropolitan Safe Custody group was recently asked about the relationship between corporate values and business performance. He argues that his company’s commitment to strong cultural values has proved good for clients, employees and shareholders.

Keep your Assets in Safe Havens not Tax Havens

30 May 2013

With the Swiss government caving in to US pressure to relax their bank secrecy laws, the pressure continues to squeeze tax havens in order to curb tax evasion. Christopher Barrow of Metropolitan Safe Deposits highlights the trend towards keeping financial and physical assets in safe havens, as opposed to tax havens.

Cyprus capital controls threaten future of Eurozone

2 April 2013

With the Cyprus crisis threatening the future of the eurozone, frightened savers are increasingly seeking a safe haven for their cash deposits. Metropolitan Safe Custody’s Christopher Barrow explains why London is benefiting from Europe’s flight of capital.

UK Banks continue to abandon safe deposit boxes

29 January 2013

Customers are left with few options as UK banks continue to close down their safe custody facilities. Christopher Barrow of Metropolitan Safe Deposits reviews the few remaining options open to individuals and families wanting safe storage for their valuables.

Where do you keep your Gold?

11 December 2012

With Barclays opening another huge institutional gold vault on the outskirts of London, Metropolitan Safe Custody’s CEO Christopher Barrow examines the options for individual gold investors and collectors

London’s Safe Haven Status benefits Metropolitan Safe Deposits

25 October 2012

CEO Christopher Barrow reveals why Metropolitan Safe Custody Group benefits from London’s status as Safe Haven

Metropolitan acquires London Safe Deposit Company's safe deposit box business

29 August 2012

Metropolitan Safe Deposits has purchased the business assets belonging to The London Safe Deposit Company

Why Are Banks Exiting Safe Custody?

15 August 2012

Metropolitan’s CEO, Christopher Barrow, on why internet banking and self service facilities have made running a secure storage facility unattractive for high-street banks

Why Are Regulations so Important to Metropolitan?

16 July 2012

Group CEO Christopher Barrow on why regulatory compliance contributes to the success of our business


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