Every aspect of Metropolitan Safe Deposits is about security – we have spent millions updating it to keep pace with technological advances.

It starts with our carefully chosen and trained staff and our processes. Our safe deposit vaults meet every international standard and were designed and constructed by world leaders Rosengrens – as far as we know, this type of vault, which incorporates sophisticated alarm and surveillance systems and time-locked doors, has never been breached.

Further alarms cover the fabric, perimeter and each individual safe deposit box. We have certain features that are unique to Metropolitan. The overlapping alarm systems are monitored 24 hours a day by different monitoring centres that are directly connected to the police. Each office’s CCTV also allows monitoring by the other branch, as well as remotely by trained individuals.

Controlled access

Access is governed by computer-verified touch card and biometric fingerprint identification (producing a digital template via our new Robur access control system), and a set of two unique keys. Only registered customers up to a maximum of three individuals may have access to their safe deposit box.

This combination of safety precautions means that you can open your box without being escorted and overseen by a security guard and can complete your visit within a few minutes. Private rooms and booths are available if you need to spend longer.


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