Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

Opening Hours

With immediate effect, our offices will open from 10.00am - 4.00pm on weekdays only i.e. Monday to Friday.

The branches will remain open on Good Friday, 10th April, and UK bank holidays, such as Monday 13th April. This is for Health and Safety reasons for the wellbeing of our staff. The restricted hours and temporary closure of our branches at weekends will still enable our customers to gain access to their safe deposit boxes and, at the same time, allow for a reduction in our staffing levels as a result of self-isolation.

We do recognise the importance of keeping our services open to customers, but urge all customers to make only essential visits to our vaults in line with Government rules. This change of hours and closure at weekends will continue until further notice.

How You Can Assist Us

  1. Customers suffering symptoms described in the latest NHS advice should not visit our offices.
  2. No Guests will be allowed on our premises. Please do not bring Children onto our premises unless it is absolutely necessary.
  3. We are strictly managing the number of customers and time allowed on our premises at any one time. Please limit the number of people accessing your safe deposit box to one depositor only when possible per visit.
  4. For all other servicing requests regarding your safe deposit, we are operating a strictly ‘by appointment’ system for Emergency requests only. Any such appointment will be conducted at our branches whilst adhering to the Government’s Social Distancing advice.
  5. For appointment requests, please telephone or email the office first. Our telephone numbers and email addresses are available via this link.
  6. Please do not renew your account at our offices. You are strongly urged to pay by bank transfer in order to reduce physical contact. Further information is available via this link.



  1. Please use the Hand Gels provided in the reception area, before and after using the card/biometric readers.
  2. Please do not use your own disinfectant to clean our card readers as this may damage our equipment.



It is our intention to remain open for business. If we are required to close temporarily by the Government, your safe deposit box will still be protected. We have multiple layers of security, which function 24 hours a day regardless of whether we are open or closed. In addition to being monitored by different monitoring centres that are directly connected to the police, trained members of staff have access to our CCTV away from our offices.

If you have any questions regarding this notice please do not hesitate to contact the relevant office where your account is held. Please use this link for our telephone numbers and email addresses.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Statement

With immediate effect, our offices will open from 10.00am - 4.00pm on weekdays only i.e. Monday to Friday. This change of hours will continue until further notice.


Visit us only if it is absolutely necessary as we are strictly managing the number of customers and duration of any visit.