Frequently asked questions

How do I renew/cancel my account?

About a month before your contract expires, we will send you a letter or email inviting you to renew. Please see here for details as to how to pay for the renewal of your safe deposit box.

Late Renewals

If you are late renewing, your account will be blocked and you will not be able to access your box, until any amounts due including any interest charges are settled. We may terminate your Contract at any time by writing to you, if the invoice remains unpaid after 30 days of us reminding you that payment is overdue.

As part of our GDPR policy and for regulatory reasons, if we have been unable to contact a customer via details we hold, we will ask you to verify your contact information by completing a signature check form (or other such official form from time to time). You will be asked to complete your name, address, telephone and mobile number and email address. The document is then signed by you to confirm the information provided is correct. Your passport or photo card driving license will also be required to ensure we have your correct full name on file as per your current photo id.


If you want to cancel, you must return your keys in person or by registered post before the expiry date. If you are returning your keys by registered post please enclose a signed letter, which should state that the box is empty and include your box number, name and address. If you simply fail to renew, after due notice, we will drill open your box at your expense and may dispose of the content.

Further information on renewing/cancelling.


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